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Created: 30 Nov -0001

Last Updated: 1 Jan 1970

Adding Linguatronic to a RHD CLK
There is a lot of labour here, consider fitting Phone and TV at same time
This document assumes phone already fitted.
MB doesnít sell Linguatronic for RHD CLKs - the wiring harness is only available for LHD vehicles
This note describes how to modify the LHD harness and to install Linguatronic on the RHD CLK
This was done on a RHD CLK55 MY2000
I refer to Linguatronic as VCS in this document
The VCS loom has various cables :-
2 microphone cables - the loom is "inserted" into the microphone circuit
Red/Blue power cable - connects indirectly to fuse 10
Pink/Green power cable - goes to fuse 3
Blue/Black - D2B wakeup cable
15 way D-TYPE connector (at other end) which plugs into VCS module in the boot
NB, On LHD car wiring loom wont need modifiying, and microphone cable wont need re-routing
NB, On USA car wiring looms are pre-installed, so donít buy the wiring loom - probably need the D2B fibres
Also, wont need the new cruise switch or the steering cowl - in fact MB dealers have a kit of parts to do this
Part Num Amount Part Name
220 820 77 26 1 VCS control module In theory MY2000 cars need 220 820 61 26 but
** This is for UK English ** MY 2001 part gives more functionality and works
N 000000 000453 2 Mounting screws For fixing VCS to plate
000 540 38 08 0690 1 D2B fibre from VCS to PSE (0690 is length of this fibre)
036 545 08 28 1 D2B connector part 1
036 545 09 28 1 D2B connector part 2
208 540 00 07 1 Linguatronic harness LHD harness, needs mods for RHD cars
210 545 01 24 1 Cruise control + VCS switch
210 545 00 44 1 Voice control lever for above
208 462 04 23 1 Steering cowl
203 827 15 59 1 User instructions on CD
??? 1 User instruction manual
Various You should replace all clips that hold interior panels or they will rattle You
Installation Tasks
Disconnect Battery
Remove Steering Wheel
All steering column switches
Steering wheel cowl
Install New cowl
New cruise control lever with VCS switch Note the linguatronic switch cable connects to the instrument cluster
VCS lever on cruise control switch
Re-install Other parts removed
Remove Driver side under-dash panel
Driver side footwell kick panel
Driver side door sill
Driver side floor mat
Lift driver carpet [at seat end] No need to remove carpet, you now have access to driver-side wiring ducts
Passsenger side under-dash panel
Passenger side footwell kick panel
Passenger side door sill
Passenger side floor mat
Passenger side front carpet You now have access to passenger side front wiring ducts
Loosen front of head lining Involves unclipping lots of bits You now have access to the roof microphone wiring
Remove LHS boot lining Involves taking lots of the boot apart The Linguatronic module is fixed in the boot with the phone electronics
behind the BOSE AMP
Remove rear seat bench
Remove LHS rear side panel You now have access to all of the passenger side wiring ducts from
front to back of car
Unplug wiring harness and D2B fibre from Phone Electronics (PSE) in boot BE CAREFUL of FIBRE OPTIC LOOM !!!!
Remove mounting plate with Phone Electronics (PSE) (3 * 10mm nuts)
Attach VCS control module to plate
Re-install mounting plate with PSE and VCS attached
Carefully take apart D2B connector for phone electronics BE CAREFUL with FIBRE OPTIC CABLES !!!
Split the 2 cables [remembering which has the red lens]
Install short fibre optic cable and second D2B connector so there are now 2 D2B connectors in series
Plug D2B harness back into Phone Electronics and Voice control Module. The original fibre with red lens plugs into phone electronics
Plug in Phone electronics wiring harness
Plug in 15 way connector on Linguatronic harness
Feed Linguatronic harness through car to the duct in front of the drivers seat
Indentify the phone loom in the duct in front of the passenger seat, it has: -
thin microphone coax cable
think black multi-core cable
blue/black 0.75mm (D2B wakeup cable)
red/yellow 0.75mm power cable
pink/blue or pink/green 0.75mm power cable
Identify the aerial loom in the duct in front of the passenger seat, it has: -
thin coax cable [gps aerial]
thick coax cable [radio aerial]
red/blue 0.75mm permanent power cable
blue/white 0.75mm switched power cable
Unplug microphone at seperation point in wiring duct on drivers side (2 way connector with black and white cables)
Re-route microphone cable down passenger side of windscreen instead of drivers side
Follow the remaining microphone cable on the drivers side back from the seperation point toward the centre console, and
carefully cut it, so the connector still has at-least 3 feet of cable attached to it.
Find microphone cable on passenger side, cut that and attach the cable you cut off.
Be careful not to cut the GPS aerial cable, ie find the phone loom and NOT The aerial loom
Remember this is coax, and as little cable as possible should be exposed, if possible keep screen covering conductor if possible
Plug the cable from the microphone into the VCS harness
Plug the other microphone connector [from PSE] into the other microphone connector on the VCS harness
Cut and attach the blue/black 0.75m cable on the VCS loom (using soldered connection) to the blue/black cable in the phone harness
Remove Fuse 10 if you didnít disconnect battery completely
Cut and attach the red/blue 0.75mm cable on the VCS loom (using soldered connection) to the Red/Blue cable in the aerial loom
Re-insert Fuse 10
On MY2000 Cars [with the Nokia 3110 phone]
Fuse 3 is probably not installed and is used for VCS
On MY2001 cars [with the Nokia 6110 phone]
Fuse 3 is used for COMAND and VCS (5 amp)
The Pink/Green cable has to route to the fusebox - but the fusebox is on other side of car to LHD so: -
Extend and connect the Pink/Green cable to fuse 3
Cut the Pink/Green cable in the loom at the point you cut the red/blue cable (obvious when you look at loom)
Cut off any spare Red/Blue cable that was attached to the Pink/Green cable
Disconnect Battery
Open up fusebox completely
Install the fusebox end of that cable in the fusebox to fuse nr 3
Extend that cable back to where you cut it and solder together. In theory this should route thru the ducts across the
centre console, but this is rather difficult - there are easier places to route the cable
Insert 5A fuse in position 3
Close fusebox
Reconnect Battery
NOTE - the cables are large enough to carry the current needed by the VCS system
Configure Instrument cluster for VCS switch [Is this necessary ?]
COMAND/AUDIO-30 for the VCS on the D2B bus
Test Operation of VCS, Phone. Radio
Re-install All parts removed [Loads of stuff]

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