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Created: 13 May 2007

Last Updated: 22 Apr 2008

V1.1 22/4/2008

Fitting the AUX input in the glovebox for COMAND-APS on an A/B Class is described fully in my Comand-APS Retrofit Document

The procedure is almost identical for Audio-20-CD and COMAND-APS on the A/B/C/CLK/ML/GL/R Class, but please note the following: -

On the W164 ML/GL/R class you use part number A164 540 65 07 for the aux input loom (its just a different length). Dismantling the ML is described in another article, and it is not necessary to drill any holes, as the hole with a covering plug is already there.

On the W203 C Class for chassis number A907502 (14th March 2006) and before, part of the wiring is already there, and there is an intermediate connector (white) that the AUX lead part number A210 440 50 05 is used (which is the same as the older COMAND 2.0 cable).
From Chassis number A097503 part number A203 440 18 08 is used - which I believe connects to the back of the COMAND-APS directly like the A/B/ML/GL/R class vehicles.

The same is true on the CLK, but I do not know when the change-over was - I expect it was around the same ime.


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