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Created: 30 Nov -0001

Last Updated: 30 May 2008

Buying Mercedes parts for your Mercedes retrofit project

You have various choices, of course. (a) (b) New from a German dealer (often cheaper than your local dealer) (c) Used from Mercedes in German (d) Used from reputable sellers and (e) New from your local dealer.

If you want to purchase new iPod kits, Teleatlas maps, COMAND APS DVD maps,Comand APS manuals, Comand 2.0 wiring adpaters, UHI retrofit kits or the Viseoo bluetooth interface for cars with Nokia 6xxx phone kit then please visit Comand Online Webshop.

A) Both new and used parts are available on The normal ebay rules apply though - so ensure whoever you are purchasing from has good feedback.
If you are looking on eBay I strongly suggest that you use to search for your parts as it has special searches that will find items listed in German, Italian, English with mispellings - which means it will find more auctions and lower prices for you.

Here are some useful ebay searches, just click on the links below. They search worldwide and use both English and German keywords, because lots of stuff is available from Germany. They also search for the common mis-spellings to pick up items most people wont see and are often cheaper as a result. Note, if you are not in the UK, please go Here for searches that will work properly for you.

CD Changer
Comand APS Map Disks (Europe)

Theres a better and fuller list of special eBay searches here that work properly if you are not in UK.

If using EBAY then I stronly advise you to purchase COMAND units from UK, Europe, USA and Australia only - always check if the seller is selling lots of sat-nav units, and if so, review their feedback and makesure that they have positive feedback for similar items. Never purchase units from China. There seems to be a couple of reasonable sellers in Lithuania, although it is up to you if you want to take such a risk! There are many broken, and potentially dodgily sourced units on EBAY

B) As buying from local dealers (especially in the UK and outside of mainland Europe) can be considerably more expensive than buying direct from Germany, including shipping, its often worth considering talking to a German MB dealer.

C) Mercedes Benz's own vehicle dismantling centre also sells stuff - see their main web-site MBGTC (Germany). They often sell almost complete kits for adding COMAND to the W210 E class - all with a warranty.

D) - used equipment from reputable sellers There are a number of reputable sellers of used equipment: -

Mark at supplies used COMAND units with a warranty, and installs COMAND, iPod, and genuine MB phone systems.

He also has an online shop at Comand Online that sells Teleatlas MAP disks, Comand APS Nav DVDs, iPod kits and MB phhone system parts.

Miro, at supplies all sorts of retrofit stuff in Australia. He also recommeds mercdocs as a good supplier for the USA.

Steve at MBenzNL supplies new parts and will fit them for you (he seems to travel all over the world, so ask him!)

Megacomm and Audiocomp are good places to buy CANbus adapters and ready made wiring looms etc.

E) You can go down to your local dealership and try and negotiate a discount (try for 10%) - but if you are in the UK, one of the Mercedes dealerships (Inchcape) has on-line parts ordering, with discounts. This is at

New teleatlas disks (for CD based COMAND) can also be bought from your dealer, however it is better to buy them from a Teleatlas dealer (reseller) such as - UK Teleatlas Distributor.

If you are in Europe, then European pricing can be found online here which is the German mercedes online parts pricing web-site. Remember the prices shown are in Euros and exclude VAT/TVA/MST which varies around Europe. This price list is somewhat out of date, and thus doesn't have many of the newer parts in it, but its useful for guideline pricing,

Just a reminder. If you are buying a COMAND unit, you'll run into a lot less issues if you make sure its the right part number for your vehicle. The first 3 numbers of the part code should be the same as your vehicle type (such as 163 for ML) - please see my document Retrofitting COMAND. If you are buying for a vehicle that never had COMAND as a factory option, then purchase the ML part(starting with A163).

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