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Created: 11 Aug 2010

Last Updated: 22 Sep 2013

Removing Mercedes R230 SL Doorcard.

1) Wind down the window and remove the door mirror triangle cover.

Pull the top away, it hooks in at the bottom. Here is a picture of the cover partially removed.

Mercedes SL door mirror triangle removal

2) Remove the screw behind the SRS sign.

Rotate the SRS sign 90 degees and pull out, remove screw behind.

R230 SL doorcard hidden screw

3) Remove the aluminium door edge cover.

This is held on by a number or TX15 screws, once all are removed it just pulls off.

Picture of door after aluminium trim removed: -

Mercedes R230 SL door card aluminium trim removal

4) Pull the edge of the door card away from the door using a soft wedge to release the 9 door clips. The picture of the door card below shows where the clips are.

5) Whilst pulling the bottom edge of the door card away pull the whole panel upwards. The whole panel is hooked into the door itself.

Once the door panel is fully released you will have to unhook the cable that connects the door opening handle and any power connections that are stopping you removing the panel. (puddle light).

The picture below shows the door card removed. You can see the red clips that hold the edge in, and the 3 hooks that hold it into the door are circled.

Mercedes R230 SL door card removed pictuer

Note. When re-assembling replace any of the red door clips that have been damaged or broken or the panel will rattle in the future. Part number is A000 995 59 48

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