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Created: 12 Aug 2010

Last Updated: 22 Sep 2013

The rear panel is held in with 4 screws but it is also hooked into the back of the two stowage compartments which must therefore be loosened first.

There are 2 screws on the left and two on the right which are visible after the side panels are removed. Note that the top screw is a screw and the lower one is actually a bolt. Remove all of these.

Now remove the two bolts at the front of each stowage compartment.

And loosen the two bolts at the top back of each stowage compartment accessed via the two small holes in each compartment - only loosen a few turns as the compartment is hooked over them. A long TX30 screwdrive is needed for this:

Mercedes R230 SL rear storage compartment screws


Now remove the rear armrest. This is done by undoing the two screws that are visible in the rear of the armrest-glovebox and then pulling the rear armrest upwards.

Picture of the screws in the armrest-glovebox: -

Mercedes SL rear armrest screws

After the rear armrest is removed you can see the equipment carrier underneath it. The picture below is from a MY2004 vehicle.

Mercedes R230 SL phone and VCS controllers

 Re-assembly is the reverse of dis-assembly.

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