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Created: 30 Nov -0001

Last Updated: 1 Jan 1970

Adding Integrated Phone to a RHD CLK
Option 852/854 for Nokia 51xx/61xx/6210
This involves lots of labour - consider installing TV and Voice Recognition at the same time
NB, for LHD version need different wiring harness, instructions very similar
NB, for USA version, wiring and D2B harnesses for this and Voice Recognition already installed, will need D2B plugs to replace jumpers on loom in trunk
so only work in trunk (boot) is required
Part # Amount Needed Part Name
203 820 99 26 1 Phone Support Electronics
208 820 39 26 1 E-Net compensator
208 820 30 14 1 Mounting plate In boot, holds above 2 + voice recognition relay
N 910112 006003 3 Nuts for above
N 000000 000453 4 Screws holds above control units to plate
208 540 83 09 1 RHD Wiring Harness
208 540 81 05 1 D2B optical harness This one for phone only, will connect up to existing CD one with connector
If installing Linguatronic at same time, part for Phone + Linguatronic
000 545 33 84 1 D2B splice connector To connect one fibre from CD loom to this loom (as it is a ring)
203 820 52 15 1 Filter On aerial from phone to compensator, near compensator
203 820 01 51 1 Phone Cradle Phone clips into this
203 820 07 51 1 Nokia 6210 clip Modifies above for Nokia 6210
203 820 05 51 1 Holder Cradle sits in this
N 000966 004032 2 Screws Holds holder to swing up console
000 823 01 49 2 Screw hole covers Covers holes in holder
208 680 06 31 1 Swing-up console Holder screws onto this, which screws into centre glovebox
208 823 02 14 1 Clip for harness Holds the 10 way connector for phone
208 823 02 30 1 Cover for clip Covers above in the glovebox
?? 1 Screws Holds clip to transmission tunnel
?? 4 Screws for above Holds phone console to inside of centre glovebox
1 Aerial Should use the roof mounted dual band aerial
202 820 10 35 1 Microphone Should use microphone integrated in mirror, but expensive
202 823 02 11 1 Microphone Plate But were using a standalone microphone here from Cabriolet
N 000000 000475 1 Microphone screw
1 metre Single sided sticky felt about 8 cm wide
Various Clips for panels You should replace all clips that hold panels in the car or they will rattle
Installation Tasks
Disconnect Battery
Remove Driver side under-dash panel
Driver side footwell kick panel
Driver side door sill
Driver side floor mat
Lift driver carpet [at seat end] No need to remove carpet, you now have access to driver-side wiring ducts
Passsenger side under-dash panel
Passenger side footwell kick panel
Passenger side door sill
Passenger side floor mat
Passenger side front carpet You now have access to passenger side front wiring ducts
Rear seat bench
Left hand rear panel next to seat
Left hand rear panel next to parcel shelf You now have access to all of the passenger side wiring ducts from
front to back of car
Loosen front of head lining Involves unclipping lots of bits You now have access to the roof microphone wiring
Loosen rear of head lining You now have access to where aerial goes
Remove LHS boot lining Involves taking lots of the boot apart This is where the electronic modules are fitted
Remove centre console Lots of work ! You have access to the centre wiring ducts now
Install wiring Loom and D2B loom. Be careful of D2B optical loom !!!!!
25 way connector (D type) end is in the boot
Ends 1 ft above the BOSE amplifier
Will have to open up fuse box
Lots of stuff goes via the centre console wiring duct
I donít know which side the microphone cable runs up the windscreen, probably drivers side
- But install it on LHS if you want to install Voice recognition
Aerial cable runs up left hand side of car between rear passenger window and rear seatbelt mechanism near window edge
- stick it to the body with one side sticky felt - the connector ends up in the roof space
Attach D2B Harness to other Carefully open up both D2B connectors at the head-unit end [one from CD, one from phone]
!! Lots of Care needed !! - this exposes the two fibres, one has a white lens one a red - note the positions in the connectors
Keep the CD ones separate to the phone ones !!!
Open the metal clips on the D2B splice connector and insert the red from the CD loom into one end and the close
Insert the white from the Phone loom into the other end of the connector and close that
Using the plastic connector removed in step 1, insert the two remaining D2B cables into that one and close
Note that the colored cables only fit correctly on their correct side of the various D2B connectors
NB, if you confuse the D2B cables, shine a torch down at the phone-electronics end and look at the other end
Install aerial filter On cable from E-Net compensator to phone, at the E-Net compensator in the boot
Install Aerial Connect to wiring loom connector which is just in roof space
Wrap connectors with one side sticky felt
Attach control units to plate These go at top of plate, E net compensator at forward of the other, connectors upward
PSE at rear of plate, connectors at edge, optical connector lower
(Bottom of plate is location for voice-recognition controller)
(positioning based on plate installed in car Ö)
Attach plate in boot Goes between inner wall and outer wing, screws into inner wing, electronics in the gap between wings
- goes above the BOSE amplifier, Uses 3 10mm nuts
Attach D2B and 25 way plugs These are push fit and gently clip into place
Tie loom to plate to prevent loosening over time
Configure Instrument cluster for phone [Is this necessary ?]
COMAND/Audio 30 for phone and CD in correct order on D2B bus
Test All phone and radio operation
Re-install All parts removed [Loads of stuff]

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