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Our news comes from various sources so often we can not get reliable dates, just information that things will happen - So please excuse the lack of firm dates in some news items.

15 Nov 2007Mercedes SLK MY08 engine changes ??
15 Nov 2007Mercedes CL500 4-Matic on its way ??
15 Nov 2007New Mercedes GLK model range details
15 Nov 2007New Mercedes 280CDI and 320CDI engines
28 Nov 2007One million Mercedes made in Alabama
15 Nov 2007SL facelift for MY2008 ? - SL55/65 Dropped !
27 Nov 2007Daimler Chrysler dropping the Chrysler name already
14 Nov News Launched !!

A few of the latest news items:

1 Jan 1970 - Mercedes SLK MY08 engine changes ??

The MY08 SLK200 Kompressor and SLK350 are getting new ID numbers (171.445 and 171.458) , so we believe that means the engines or gearboxes are being tweaked.

1 Jan 1970 - Mercedes CL500 4-Matic on its way ??

We've heard that theres going to be a CL500 4Matic coming soon - unless Mercedes change their mind. The internal model number is 216.386

Thats all we know, maybee it will never make it to the market - it certainly won't make it to the UK as the other 4-Matic vehicles (except the ML/GL/R) never have done before.

1 Jan 1970 - New Mercedes GLK model range details

Theres a new Mercedes GLK coming - it is based on the new C class (W204).

It looks like it will be available in 2 wheel drive, and 4 wheel drive, with 280/350 petrol and 320CDI engines.

It looks like there will be 5 models initially.

  1. GLK280 -  petrol, 2 wheel drive
  2. GLK350 - petrol, 2 wheel drive
  3. GLK280 - petrol, 4 wheel drive
  4. GLK350 - petrol, 4 wheel drive
  5. GLK320 CDI - diesel, 4 wheel drive

1 Jan 1970 - New Mercedes 280CDI and 320CDI engines

It looks like Mercedes will make some changes to the 280 diesel and 320 diesel power trains - we don't know whether these are engine or gearbox changes, but the internal model numbers for those models in the W164 ML, X164 (GL), W204 new C class will be changing.


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